1,3-Butadien production

1,3-Butadien production

Project for processing pyrolysis fractions (production of 1,3-butadiene) for Karpatnaftochim LLC

Capacity of the finished product is 45000 tonnes per year

Production of 1,3-butadiene is envisaged by its separation from the C4 fraction by extractive rectification with acetonitrile.

Feedstock: C4 fraction

Extractant: acetonitrile

Techinservice has received a utility model patent (No. 138952) for a method of producing 1,3-butadiene from mixed hydrocarbons of the C4+ fraction by extractive distillation in the presence of a selective solvent with saturated hydrocarbons separation and purification of the target product from impurities using a selective solvent.

Applications: 1,3-butadiene is used in the tyre and automotive industries, for the production of butadiene-styrene rubbers and ABC plastics.

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